The ultimate goal is always to produce a limited edition photographic print. With my first art series not due until 2021/2 I'm working on learning Photoshop skills and developing my photographic style through experimentation. As things progress and development I'll share some finalised work, but for now here are a few examples of the experimentation that have taken place in Photoshop.

At One with Nature

Experimentation has lead to digital drawing over composited photography and photographing items from nature and laying to make it look like a costume. I'm in love with composite photography because it opens up a world of possibilities which really does mean there is no boundary for the imagination.

All my limited edition prints will be printed on sustainable bamboo art paper which is slightly textured and encourages a depth of detail in the printing that is mesmerising.

The Ghosts of Spring Dance on the Edge of Winter

Summer Snow - The Confused Seasons

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