Props, Costume, and Photography Sets

Crafting brings everything to life and is probably the most rewarding but challenging part of making an art series. Most items are made by hand, and often new skills need to be learnt which is all very time consuming. At this stage there are technical problems to resolve and the workings of how everything will fit together to make the photograph work.

Currently my art studio is filled with paper flowers, birds, butterflies, and miniature theatre sets, as I learn to create what I need to make for my first art series which begins next year.

Once again sustainability is at the core of any project.

Practice Photo-shoot with the Petzval Lens ~ Crepe Paper Flower Crown and Handmade Tulle Two Tone Skirt

Crepe Paper Mortimer Sackler Rose

Faded Handpainted Crepe Paper Rose

Crepe Paper Flowers ~ The Making of a Costume

Crafting Tutorials and Templates

My work is as much about sharing as it is about creating. If you enjoy illustrating, crafting, and photography, you may enjoy all the tutorials and crepe paper templates.

Paper Flower Tutorials


Paper Flower Templates


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